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Butter Cup Body Butter
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Shea+ 12 Amino Acids+ Keratin for African Hair
Detangle & Condition for Easy Softness
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African Haircare Routine
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Blackowned cosmetics for African skin and hair; with African raw materials and special formulas for your hair and skin beauty... Access to many natural botanical based products on our site is available. We recommend choosing natural products for hair care and skin care. Stay tuned with Naturel Afrika, we offer you products from homeland African nature, and take advantage of the benefits we offer to our customers since 2001.

AFRICAN HERITAGE - Unleashing the Power of African Botanicals for African Skin At Naturel Afrika, we are passionate about the beauty and majesty of the African continent. Our cosmetics brand is inspired by the natural abundance of African botanicals that have been used for centuries for their skin care benefits and medicinal properties. ​Our products are specially formulated to harness the power of formulas with particular plants and provide you with a unique, natural experience for your melanated skin. Whether you are looking for a gentle facial mist, a nourishing body butter, or a rejuvenating hair spray, our range of products has got you covered. ​Experience the transformative effects of our care products and discover the power of African botanicals for yourself. Shop our collection today and join us on our mission to promote the beauty of Africa.

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